Superior Light Source original lamps crafted from Lake Superior stone
Superior Light Source hand-crafts lamps from Lake Superior stone. Bring the North Shore into your home with these works of art

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Grand Marais, MN

Superior Light Source carefully selects Lake Superior stone bringing together the elemental beauty of earth and water in its lamps. Bring the North Shore into your home with these works of art.

Hand-crafted Lake Superior Rock Lamps

Welcome to the beautiful shores of Lake Superior--the largest of the Great Lakes, and the largest freshwater lake in the world. Lake Superior and the rest of the Great Lakes settled at their current water levels 7,500 years ago. Along these rugged shores are ancient rocks formed by magma from the melting of the earth's mantle millions of years ago. Glaciers ground down the bedrock and broke off chunks carrying the pieces to our area of the Great Lakes from the North.

Rocks used on these one of a kind lamps have been tumbled by the waves on the shores of Lake Superior for thousands, even millions of years. Varieties include:

  • Basalt: a smooth, black rock,
  • Gabbro: a grayish green mix with crystals,
  • Diabase: a dark medium grained rock,
  • and Rhyolite: which is rust in color and composed of many minerals.

(For more information on rocks, pick up a copy of Rock Pickers Guide to Lake Superior's North Shore.)

Each hand-constructed lamp is a unique work of art, signed and numbered by the artist.  *Please note - The measurements listed are the total height including the shade.*

Four sizes are now available:

  • Big Kahuna: 24-inch lamp including a 9-inch shade
  • Large: 20-inch lamp including a 9-inch shade
  • Medium: 14-inch lamp including a 6-1/2 inch shade
  • Mini: 12-inch lamp including a 5-1/2 inch shade

View a selection of our lamps.

Lamps are created with multi-colored stones to fit in with any decor. The companion shades come in a light dusty green-grey to compliment the color of the natural stone. All lamps are wired with UL-approved materials.

Custom orders are available, please contact me to discuss your custom needs. I hope you enjoy your lamp and piece of geological history!

Our rock lamps are made from Lake Superior stone.

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